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Oh and incase your wondering my names Brianna

Apr 14

Please request something guys I have no ideas right now and there’s absolutely nothing in my askbox 

Apr 13

Im back. I couldn’t access my account for a while because I couldn’t remember my password or my email password for the account but im back and I’m having some writers block so send in some requests please.

Mar 15


I’m glad you liked them :D

and I don’t see how Calum’s would have much of a part 2 but Luke, Ashton and Michael can so I guess I’ll do a part 2 for them then! (This one would have the frickle frackle in it)

"Bad Girl"- Avril Lavigne (Cake)

**I don’t like this one as I did the Mashton part…I don’t think it’s too good but you guys will be the judge of that**

Calum: Choke me because I said so

Feverish kisses were being placed on each others lips, hands roaming all over the others body. Calum had just gotten back from tour and needless to say there was a lot of built up sexual frustration. Clothes were carelessly being thrown off, neither of you caring where they landed. Soon enough the both of you were on the bed, Calum on top of you in his boxers, grinding into your heat causing you to moan loudly. “Calum no teasing please. I need you.” you whined, your hands tugging at his hair.

His thrusts weren’t too fast but they were deep and passionate. “I missed you.” Calum said. You smiled and then thought of one of your favorite fantasy’s with Calum. You had always wanted him to choke you, there was just something about it that turned you on but you never asked, until now. “C-choke me.” you managed to say through whimpers and moans. “What?” Cal said stopping his thrusts. “I want you to choke me Cal.” you said more demanding this time, staring at him directly in his eyes. The edge of his mouth curved up into a smirk as one of his hands came down to rest on your neck as he started to thrust into you again.

Luke: You know that I’m a little tease tease

“Y/N, quit it.” Luke whispered angrily in your ear for nearly the 20th time that night although you both knew you wouldn’t stop until you got home. You and the boys had went to a local restaurant for dinner and you wanted nothing more than Luke all day long. Unfortunately, he was at the studio all day and then when he got home he told you that you’re going out to dinner with him and the boys. He said that you could wait until you two got back from dinner but he had no idea how you had felt all day, horny as fuck and your fingers just couldn’t do the same work that Luke could with his. You wore Luke’s favorite shirt, he said it made your breasts look fantastic, and a pair of shorts with your black sneakers. He knew that you wore it on purpose, but he refused to crack.

At the restaurant when you sat down an idea popped into your head, if the shirt didn’t work you had another idea, sure Luke might be a little pissed but you knew it would work. A small smirk formed on your face at the idea of teasing Luke throughout dinner and he knew something was up since you were smirking. “Y/N. What are doing or planning on doing?” he asked. “Nothing. Nothing at all.” you told him pecking him on the cheek. He eyed you warily knowing something was up.

After ordering you placed your hand on his knee and by the time dinner arrived your hand had reached the top of his thigh. You gave his thigh a squeeze causing him to tense up a bit, before removing your hand to eat. When dinner was over Luke told everyone that you guys had to go because you had to work early tomorrow and needed some sleep, that obviously not being true.

Once in the car you can see the outline of his boner in his skinny jeans. He turns to you “You’re a fucking tease you know that, wearing that shirt and touching me like that in there.” You smiled at him “That was all part of the plan Luke.” Your hand moved to the very top of his thigh this time drawing circles on it with your fingers before reaching in towards his crotch. You palmed him through his jeans eliciting a low groan from him. He moved your hand away before backing out of the parking lot and into the street. He said “Don’t try anything until we get home.” “Okay.” you simply stated but your fingers had already begun to unbutton your shorts before you pulled them down just enough so you could slip your fingers inside and rub circles on your clit making you moan. “Y/N you’re a little tease now quit it. It was bad enough with you touching me now stop touching yourself.”

Feb 15

Bad Girl-Avril Lavigne (Mashton)

***smut but not that bad*** (when I do the 2nd Mashton part, If I do it, then it’ll be more smutty. If you want a 2nd part let me know, Cake part will be up hopefully on Monday I’m going on a little vacation and I don’t think there’s internet at my aunt’s house)

Ashton: I’ve been a bad girl don’t you know

You and Ashton had just got back to your apartment after a long night out but neither of you were tired just yet. The entire day Ashton had been teasing you relentlessly and that night was your turn to get back at him, so you did,or tried too. Unfortunately your efforts were ineffective against Ashton. You wanted anything to get him jealous, pissed, anything that made him want to go home and take you up against the wall. When you danced with other guys he was talking with Luke, when you flirted with the bartender he was in the bathroom, even when a guy came up to you and asked you to dance and you went with him he simply glared at you.

Walking into the apartment you had one final idea to get him like that, one thing that you hardly ever used with Ashton, maybe 2 or 3 times but it turned him on like he was a light switch. When he closed the door you turned to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, your lips going right up to his ear and whispering in the most seductive yet innocent voice you could “I’ve been a naughty girl and you didn’t even notice did you….daddy.” In an instant you were pressed up against the wall, your arms pinned above your head, Ashton looking you dead in the eyes, scaring you slightly, but turning you on more.

You bit your lip “You think I didn’t notice? Oh I saw you baby girl, I knew what you were trying to do. I know you were being a little slut. But I decided to let you have a little fun. Well guess what? Now you’re really in for it Y/N. You wanted it rough, well that’s how you’re going to get it.” You moaned as Ashton hand squeezed your ass. “You’re not getting it just yet though.” he said grinding his hard on into your thigh causing your breath to catch in your throat. “You’re not going to be able to walk at all tomorrow, but since you’ve been a dirty little whore you won’t get it just yet.” Oh god did you love it when Ashton talked dirty to you. “You’re going to get punished first, and then I think I’ll tease you for a while, your wrists tied behind your back, keeping you just on the edge of cumming, and then and only if your good, will you get it. Got it?” he said. “Yes daddy.”

Michael: You know I want a little taste taste

Submissive Michael was your favorite Michael, I mean let’s face it who wouldn’t love seeing him like this. His hands handcuffed together at the top of the headboard, ankles tied down, one to each bedpost at the foot of the bed, and the only sounds to be heard was his whimpers, begging you to do something, touch him, anything.

“Please Y/N do something, anything, I’m begging you please.” his voice cracked at the last part, desperation prominent in the way he said it. “I don’t know baby…” you said waltzing over to the bed in Michaels favorite lingerie. Red and lacy. Your lips grazed his earlobe “Do you really want it that bad, are you that desperate? Do you want to feel my tight pussy around your cock? Or maybe my lips? Because I know how much you love that.” He let out a low throaty groan causing you to smirk. “I want you Y/N, I want to feel your mouth, I want to taste you and I want you to feel my mouth.” You had tried so hard to control yourself, be in charge tonight but when he said that you knew you couldn’t take waiting any longer.  

Wasting no time you threw your panties off and sat on his face, thighs on either side of his head, your hands wrapping tightly around his throbbing erection as you bent down and pressed a kiss to the tip of it. All the while his tongue feverishly working on your clit. You decided it was enough with the teasing and if he went hard so could you. You went right down on Michael with your mouth, taking him in all the way, gagging slightly but you kept going. Suddenly you knew just how you could stay in control. Just as his cock twitched in your mouth you sat up and got off of him causing him to groan. “What’s the matter baby? You did say you wanted a taste and to feel my mouth. Both of which you got.” you said with a smirk.

Feb 14

Okay so this is probably going to be a 2 part preference because otherwise it will be way to long bc details

Writing a 5sos pref based off the song Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne or I should say just started and I’m trying to pull myself together to write the last of it bc I am dying here

Feb 13

I have another idea for an imagine. What if you were an angel and Crowley fell in love with you (with or without knowing what you were).

I think I might write an imagine or fic or something about Michael as Jack Frost (based on the AU I did)

Feb 10
AU: Michael Clifford is Jack Frost

AU: Michael Clifford is Jack Frost

I want to write so bad but i’m completely out of ideas….anybody got some ideas?

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