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Please send me in requests for imagines, prefs, AU things and maybe even some ships or one-shots

Oh and incase your wondering my names Brianna

Jul 1

A couple of the keys on my laptop are broken (including backspace) so now I have to do a lot of my writing on my desktop and it’s going to take a little longer to do them then but I should have at least one of them uploaded tonight.

Jun 21

Exams are over, school is done with, I can get back to writing now (finally, sorry for the long absents)

I have maybe 7 or so requests in my ask so I’ll start doing them and posting them asap

Also just want to thank you all so much for following me (holy shit it’s 1,000) and dealing with the lack of posting 

May 23

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where the reader hurts herself and sam finds it out?:) thank you xx

I know this is from a while ago but do you mean “hurts herself” as in self inflicted injuries such as self harm? Because I don’t feel comfortable writing about that as of right now. Unless you mean “hurts herself” as an accidental injury then that’s fine, just let me know please :)

May 4

Cuddling After a bad Day (R5)


Riker: Riker was always unhappy or in a bad mood when he got home from the studio late, he hated doing that to you. Dinner would be made then put in the fridge, pajamas would be on, and you’d be in bed reading. When he came home he would just go upstairs and get into bed with you. You’d set your book down and turn off the lamp on the nightstand. Riker would roll onto his side and wrap his arm around yours as you turned onto your side. Hands intertwined and nothing would need to be said, you just knew and you’d stay like that until you both fell asleep.

Ross: You hadn’t had the best day today but then again it wasn’t the worst either. You still felt like shit though, having worked a double shift plus not sleeping a lot lately you felt like you were going to collapse. You walked through the door and were relieved to see your boyfriend already home. He looked at you with a worried look on his face,he could tell you were tired. Ross walked over to you and grabbing your hand. He took you upstairs and you both laid down on the bed, staring at each other and your hands playing with the others. He told you that he’d have dinner ready soon but for now that you two were just going to lay for a while.

Rocky: You walked into the house and dropped your bag on the ground. You didn’t even say hello to Rocky, you just dragged yourself upstairs and flopped on the bed. Everything that could have gone wrong that day, did. When he walked into the bedroom he was going to ask you if you were okay but he decided against it. Instead, he strolled in and laid on the bed next to you. You snuggled into his chest and his arms tightly wrapped around your body. He kissed your forehead and hoped he could make your day a little better.


Ratliff: You know those days where you’re just in a bad mood? You had been like that all day, all the way from the time you woke up until just as you got into bed. The only thing that made your day a little better then was being able to cuddle with Ratliff. He snuggled into your back so close that there was no room between you two and kissed your ear mumbling an I love you and goodnight into it.

Rydel: You had gotten fired from your job today and your car had gotten towed forcing you to walk home. You got home and looked for Rydel and saw her upstairs in your room laying down. She saw you and her face lit up. You shuffled into the bedroom and flung yourself on the bed. You hooked an arm around her and cuddled into her making her laugh and hoping you could forget your terrible day.


Apr 29

Anonymous said: THANK YOU FOR WRITING IMAGINES WITH GIRLS IN THEM. Like, okay, I know usually girls go out with guys, but I'm pansexual and yeah.

Your welcome then :) I’m just glad you enjoy them

For some reason the notification for the ask box wasn’t showing and I just checked so thanks for requesting guys

Apr 21

Feel free to request imagines or preferences

gif or written

Apr 14

Please request something guys I have no ideas right now and there’s absolutely nothing in my askbox 

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